Directing kids in fashion and advertising photography

One of the most fascinating parts of the job as children’s fashion photographer is directing the kids. Very often with kids you simply cannot just ask for what you want. You need to motivate the kids, in fact you often need to ask the opposite of what you want from the kids.

In order to be successful at photographing children for fashion or advertising, you have to enjoy working with children. Photographing children commercially takes a lot of careful planning and most often at great ability to improvise. The models must have a good time, if the children are not enjoying the experience, the photographer will not have good images.

A children's fashion or advertising photographer needs to take a playful approach to the shoot. The photographer needs to communicate with the kids through play or storytelling, in order to get a good performance from the kids. Anders Hald has more than 20 years experience in producing and executing photoshoots with children.