Anders Hald has been shooting children's fashion photography for more than 20 year and he is one of the worlds leading photographers of children according to Creative Review.
"When directing kids it’s important to be patient, quite often I can’t just ask for what I want, but rather I need to spend a little time trying different things out with the kid first. That way I get a sense of how the child responds to direction and a chance to figure out what to do to get the right look from the child, whether it is surprise, a genuine smile or a more serious look. Once you get it, you often only get one chance to capture it."
In children's fashion photography, so many things can go wrong, and it is important to plan for every eventuality. "When shooting kids it is essential to plan the shoot well and with consideration to the age groups you are shooting. First off, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, and make sure that all technical aspects of the shoot are sorted, before the kids even arrive (good assistants are essential). Once the kids arrive it is up to me to establish a rapport with them, to make sure that I have them on my side. Then you need to be flexible in managing the shoot, as kids will bump their heads, get hungry, tired, bored and silly, so that at the end of the day you can deliver exactly what the client wanted, in spite of tears and tantrums. A nice calm atmosphere at the shoot is important. Panic will spread like a wildfire to the kids, so must be avoided at all cost."

Finally, experience is essential. Anders has a natural ability in the way he communicates with children. Fun and playful and always calm. “While Anders is an excellent photographer, his personality is entirely unique. He brings with him to every meeting and every shoot an immense positive energy and a ‘yes, we can’ attitude, which makes working with him an absolute joy. He also has a unique ability, and one which cannot be learned at any school, to bring out the best in the children." - Joen Weidemann/New Generals

Anders Hald is an internationally acclaimed multi-award winning children's fashion and lifestyle photographer. Working professionally since 1995, Anders and his team has the experience to pull off even the most demanding jobs.