Children in Advertising Photography

Successful advertising photography featuring children often needs the children to be believable, realistic and engaging. Getting the kids to perform well in front of the camera requires a photographer who is skilled at communicating with children. Anders Hald has years of experience in working with children. Often advertising photography requires a range of emotional expressions from the kids, from happy smiles to more introvert expressions, serenity, boredom, anxiety, wonder, amazement and even occasionally tantrums and tears.

Photographing children for advertising is never easy. In a large scale production everyones attention is often on the technical and logistical aspects of the shoot. It’s easy to forget about the child and when the time comes to put the child in front of the camera, the child is either too bored, nervous, shy or too scared to perform well. The campaign, that was meant to carry the message to the heart of the consumer by the use of an engaging image of a child, doesn’t work because the child doesn’t look convincing.

In order to get a successful advertising photograph of a child, Anders Hald relies not only on his communication skills, but also on his extensive experience. Anders and his team have produced a large number of advertising and fashion photo shoots involving children, both in his native Copenhagen, in London and in many other countries in Europe, Russia, Canada and the US.